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About me

I'm Samuel Dost. I live in Queens with my partner Barbie Leung and our dogs Enki and Taro. I began programming BASIC at an early age when my dad brought home a cutting edge Radioshack TRS-80 Model 100 "laptop". I eventually took my BASIC skills to the Apple II, constructing small text games for my third grade class with INPUT, IF, and GOTO. My interest in game programming eventually drove me to seek a Computer Science degree and learn a lot about computers, languages, and my own tolerance level for academia.

The allure of programming for me has frequently been the surprise of getting something to work the way you intended, but mostly its a means to an end. That end could be building a website, or making a game, or getting someone to pay me money.

When I'm not programming, I enjoy writing and listening to music, cooking, eating, spending time with my partner doing whatever, and purely utilitarian bike-riding.

About the blog

For now, I'm posting to help me crystalize my thoughts about new tools or concepts I'm discovering which either help me at my job, or on my side projects. My goal with this blog is to question corporate cultures especially as they pertain to software engineering pursuits, but I may also write about random stuff, too.